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Thank you for visiting our website and also for your patronage over 2 generations since 1977 when Tenko was founded.

We are looking forward to your visit to our restaurant in the near future.

Hitoshi Arai
The 2nd owner of Tenko


He starts the entertainment once he stands in front of the fryer.

Koichi Arai


Working as a Tempura chef for 60 years. He was known a first pupil of Seiji Hashii, the founder of Tem-Masa, a famous restaurant in Sarugaku-cho, Kanda.
When Kohichi Arai was working as a chef in other restaurant, a geisha in Kagurazaka, who really loved his work, offered him to set up his own restaurant in Kagurazaka.
Taking the offer, he set up his restaurant using the 1st floor of the geisha's residence.

Hitoshi Arai


Hitoshi Arai, the 2nd owner, is working to promote Tempura by participating "Worlds of Flavor" in Napa Valley, California as a representative of Tempura chef in 2010 and also joining other food events in New York in 2011, Warsaw, Poland in 2013, Paris, France in 2014 and Milano, Italy in 2015.


A documentary film Japanese cuisine taking place at Tenko.

WASHOKU NO.00 Tempura - Short Version

WASHOKU NO.00 Tempura - Long Version


We will return back to you later. Reservation will be fixed once confirmed.

Sister Restaurant

Outline of Tempura Arai, a sister restaurant of Tenko

Tempura Arai

The Second Brand of Tenko, the Japanese Style Tempura Restaurant.
A hideaway restaurant with only 12 seats at counter.

Please enjoy Tempura in a modern and relaxed atmosphere.

Address 〒162-0825 B1, AGE Bldg. 4-8, Kagurazaka, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
  Mon−Sat 17:30~23:00(Lo22:00)
Closed on Sunday and Holidays

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